Quality counts

Why essential oils must be quality

It’s simple. Within one minute of inhalation, the tiny molecules that make up the aroma of an essential oil will have travelled round every organ of body. Purity matters especially when essential oils are being considered for their therapeutic properties.

The best essential oils are from plants which are organically grown (or wild crafted) and extracted by a process called steam distillation – a large nuber of plant parts are used to produce a relatively small quantity of oil. It’s an unfortunate fact that there are no industry standards for the actual quality and purity of essential oils. The only standard is that there has to be 10% of the actual oil in a bottle to be labeled 100% pure. This means some essential oils are often not what they are reputed to be. You may be buying mostly one of the below:-

  • Carrier Oil – like almond oil, vegetable oil etc
  • Synthetic Oil – a chemical compound made to mimic the natural oil
  • Residues of Plant – you might be getting other impurities of the plant, in addition to your oil. Example: Rose oil may come with a little leaf or stem oil as well
  • Pesticides – many companies farm out their plants to mono-crop farmers who spray – a lot!
  • Toxins – depending on where it was grown, quality of air and chemicals used to distil the oil.

Hedgewitch have gone to great lengths to buy essential oils from a trusted source, batches are analysed and we know they are the genuine article, not synthetic or food grade. 

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