• High quality, natural ingredients that work.
    Really easy to rinse off…. amazing soft, shiny coats.
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
    we only use essential oils our hedgewitch uses for zoopharmacognosy
  • Made to human standards
    to be good enough for your horse, it has to be good enough for you! Try some...

product ethos

an overview

hedgewitch products contain high quality, natural ingredients or are nature-modelled wherever possible. First and foremost our products have to work, so sometimes we’ve chosen to add a non plant-based ingredient, though these are always relatively benign, often used in human healthcare and clearly stated on the label.

It all started because as horse owners, we were frustrated by the fact that many labels on animal care products – body washes, shampoos etc – didn’t tell us what’s in the bottle. It was a shock to learn there is no legal requirement for manufacturers to list their ingredients on animal care labels so most of them don’t. 

No legal requirement to list ingredients on label.

So that got us thinking. We wanted to know what we were putting on our horses skin so we decided to develop our own products. Most shampoos are packed with synthetic chemicals and we asked ourselves the question, does it need to be so complicated? We wanted to use all natural, quality ingredients from known sources and keep things nice and simple. When we began testing, we realised we’d found something that was really good – mild, natural, really easy to rinse off and left the horses with amazing soft and shiny coats!

Really easy to rinse off…. amazing soft, shiny coats.

We’ve sniffed out really good quality essential oils which we can trace back to the field where they were grown, that’s information we believe is important. Quality of essential oils can be very variable and suppliers aren’t regulated so we buy straight from the producer to be assured of high quality production. You can be confident that hedgewitch will never add cheap fragrance oils just to save a penny or two.

We decided to manufacture and label hedgewitch products according to UK Cosmetic Regulations which means they are fit for humans – we’ve tested them on friends and family and we always have a few bottles in the bathroom, with Juniper being a particular favourite! We’re not worried about telling you exactly what’s in every bottle because it is all good stuff.

What’s more, hedgewitch believe it’s important to list any potential allergens, as required under human cosmetic regs. Afterall, it’s impossible to wash your horse without getting shampoo on your hands! All the allergens in our products are naturally occurring within the plants from which the oils are made so are far less likely to cause any skin reactions than their synthetic counterparts, found in most other products. But we thought you should know all the same!

Essential oils are amazing – the more research we’ve done, the more potential we see for these very potent plant extracts. Keep an eye out for some interesting new gels we have formulated with plant magic inside… coming soon.