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There’s no need to know the many properties of every oil when offering them to horses. In fact, it’s sometimes better to have no preconceptions and look up the properties after your horse has chosen them. You may think you know what your horse needs but you don’t, he does!

As an example, often the cause of a problem is emotional.  If your horse gets anxious when he’s left alone, you may think he wants some oils known to help anxiety. What he may actually chose are oils which help him get over being separated from his mother at weaning, the cause of his anxiety.

The one golden rule is never force an oil on a horse. Always give them the freedom to move away.   For more info click here.

We’ve chosen a selection of oils that are useful to start learning how to use them without spending an arm and a leg. If you’re interested in learning more, sourcing other oils or have a horse with a particular problem, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Search the categories below for information about the properties of the hedgewitch range of therapeutic grade essential oils (available in 5ml bottles) as well as those in our body washes & shampoos. You can also search for oils by their properties using tags – ie calming, anxiety etc

Hedgewitch have gone to great lengths to buy essential oils from a trusted source, batches are analysed and we know they are the genuine article, not synthetic or food grade. Read why this really matters.