a love of oils – how it all began….

I’d never heard of using essential oils with horses until attending a workshop with Caroline Ingraham. After that I was interested enough to buy a few different oils to try with my horses but I didn’t really know what any of them did! So I started by offering oils to my ho

go invisible – it’s magic

Whether your horses are out in the field, hacking or competing, flies are a summer nuisance at best and can make life a misery for horses and their riders. Mike and I have tried just about every fly product on the market and we’ve made our own using different blends of essential

Plant Magic Inside

Ancient wisdom Рnew science Plants and their extracts have been used for centuries for their healing ability. However, the real magic comes from  essential oils Рthese are awesome plant extracts that have far more interesting properties than just their smell alone.  Many

Quality counts

Why essential oils must be quality It’s simple. Within one minute of inhalation, the tiny molecules that make up the aroma of an essential oil will have travelled round every organ of body. Purity matters especially when essential oils are being considered for their therapeutic

Getting clean with Coconut

The hedgewitch range is natural and sustainable, even down to the bottle which is an HDPE biopolymer made from sugar cane waste, see I’m green for more details. Horses need a mild shampoo or body wash, that is powerful enough to remove dirt and sweat without stripping away the s