Welcome to the shop we have put the products into categories to make them easier to find. The product categories are listed below, please click on a link to see the products.

Products include our DEET free insect repellent icaridin also a magic bite and sting gel to soothe you if you do get bitten.

Magic aloe vera gels with esential oils to soothe itchy or sore skin and keep midges and featermites at bay.

High quality and easy to rinse natural shampoos and body washes with peppermint, juniper berry and lavender essential oil. Plus a gentle grass and stable stain remover.

Also a range of UK sourced essential oils including frankinsense, german chamomile, hops, lemongrass, roman chamomile, sweet orange, valerian root and yarrow.

Icaridin insect repellent

Summer itch solutions

Magic aloe vera gels

Grass and stable stain remover

Easy rinse natural body washes

Easy rinse natural shampoo

Essential oils