hedgewitch team

cheeky pony

Sparky at his first party. Sparky is responsible for two products. Firstly feathermite gel, he is far too clever and when he needs some gel he just backs up onto you as you pick up poos. Finding your head between his hocks is not the best experience!! He is also a grubby monkey and instrumental in developing a stain remover.

Dr Mike
the boss

Our Dr Mike is the brains behind hedgewitch. A man of many talents, he has a PhD in biomechanics and brings expertise in both marketing and regulatory matters from his experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.




Lucy is our hedgewitch and uses her experience working with essential oils and horses to come up with the ingredients for our brews. With Lucy is Rupert who was responsible for us finding a fly spray that worked following an interesting day at a dressage competition. There were lots of horse flies in the warm up arena and no one told him bucking and getting cross is not the done thing at dressage, neither is turning up to do your test dripping with sweat! Suffice to say whatever we were using that day didn’t work. Favourite product, icaridin spray of course, Rupert’s don’t do flies.

Top Gun
naughty pony

Hartpury Top Gun or TG. He arrived as an insurance ‘loss of use’ horse. Here he is two years later after slowly getting him sorted out. To say he is a bit of a character is an under statement. He currently roams freely around the yard because he just jumps out of his paddocks! His favourite product is peppermint shampoo, especially putting his nose in the bucket and splashing it around.